The Ooze is a 16 page zine inspired by King Krule's 2017 album, The Ooz. During interviews 

for the album Krule stated:

"The Ooz is a metaphor for my own creation. 

It’s all about the shit you do subconsciously, like the snot, the earwax, your spit, your jizz, your piss, your shit, your beard, your nails— 

all of that shit. You don’t ever think, wow,

I’m actually pushing all this stuff constantly— 

my brain’s creating all this gunk, this forcefield. I guess I just liked the idea 

of that and put it as a thing for the music."

Using the concept of "The Ooz", I decided to take a more literal approach, collecting my own Ooze, in an attempt to create a body of work that shows full transparency between myself and the viewer.

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