Radio Party, the radio show that’s also a party!

Loosely inspired by Glenn O’brien’s NYC public access TV show, TV Party, during the 80s, I was interested in taking the same format of “getting high, talking shit, advocating subversion, and being party desperados” and molding it into a radio format.

Partying as a medium for establishing a party network in which partying is the highest expression of social activity— the cooperative production of FUN. The party is the first step 

in organizing a society for mutual interest.

Radio Party was broadcasted LIVE every Sunday morning (Saturday night) from 12:00 to 2:00 am 

for 7 weeks from Brooklyn and streamed to in NEW YORK CITY.

The episodes were archived to cassette tapes as 

I wanted to make the broadcasts a tangible object that I could gift to guest who were on the show. 

I was also interested in not having the 

episodes archived on demand as I wanted to 

give an incentive for people to tune into the 

live broadcast every week rather than waiting 

for an upload.

On the inside flap, information such as the broadcast date and listener peak are listed.

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