A 13 page matchbook zine with gathered research for an Organized Sports t-shirt that never went into production.

The research looks to make connection between the

controversial piece Dogs that cannot touch each other ([2003] which was apart of the Art and China after 1989 exhibition at the Guggenheim [2017]) and Mos Def's song Quiet Dog Bite Hard (2009), which makes reference to a Fela Kuti quote. 

In the Kuti quote, it discusses censorship/ oppression and how these tactics make Fela’s political messaging stronger. Dogs that cannot touch each other was censored after an uproar 

from PETA, inherently making the politics behind the piece more effective than it would have uncensored, as there was more discussions 

around the piece after after the uproar.

The matchbook zine was given away as promo 

with the purchase of a shirt during an 

Organized Sports pop up shop at H0L0 NYC. 

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