While interning at Bullish, I worked with two strategist interns to develop a Brand Strategy for Core Wellness, a tangible guided meditation tool that tracks your progress to increase performance.

We worked to create a strategy that introduces Core as a tangible and accessible meditation ideology that can be practiced, not just experienced. Ultimately, help Core establish as 

a new mindful habit that transforms the cultural perception of meditation from lofty antidote to life-changing mind management tool.

The following buildout was a suggested design direction, based on the strategy and the idea 

of tangibility and performance. 

I wanted to depart from the typical crunchy 

visual design used in meditation and move towards something gritty and textural, speaking 

to the idea of tangibility and performance, not just mentally but physically. 

Core Meditation Ball 


After toying with the product, I noticed a major part of the user experience was based around the user putting their thumbs against censors on the Core ball to help collect insights on mediation performance.

I decided to abstract the censors as an 

initial departure point for a design mark. 

After abstracting the censors, they felt 

resemblant of parentheses. 

Parentheses speak on something that's implied but not said, which relates to mediation as it's not something you do as much as something that comes within you. 

I wanted to show the Core ball being used next 

to images of people performing in physically enduring sports as Core is not just about 

mental performance but physical performance. 

Core is about getting tangible results.

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